In the intercontinental business jet category, the tri-jet Falcon 900s excel.  Certified in 1992, the Falcon 900B iteration derives from its eight-year-old predecessor, the original Falcon 900.  The “B” refers to upgraded engines, producing more power and performance capacity.  It was so successful that 900s can be retrofitted to 900B capabilities.


Passengers: 12 (default)

Lavatory: Enclosed

Maximum Speed: 877 km/h

Maximum Altitude: 51,000 ft.

Range: 3,740nm (default)

Cabin Size: 7’7” (width) x 33’2” (length) x 6’2” (height)

Baggage Capacity: 127 cu. ft. (default)



Standard seating is between eight and twelve passengers in a double-club configuration with a three-person divan.  Two seats can be reclined and combined to make a full-length bed.  Otherwise all of the seats are fully adjustable, can move along a track, swivel, recline, and everything else a seat could feasibly do. Console tables come standard, and there is room for virtually any piece of equipment – computer, copier, scanner, TV, desk, and so on.  Even with the tables and seats, there is plenty of room to walk around the cabin.

Flight deck

Dassault chose a Honeywell SPZ 8000 flight director/autopilot and EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System), dual Honeywell FMZ 605 flight management system, laser inertial platforms, AZ 810 air data computers, and Collins Pro Line ARINC 429-series com/nav receivers.


The 900B has three AlliedSignal TFE731-5BR turbofan engines, each with 4,750 lbs of thrust.  Their inspection interval is 4,200 hours.


Improvements in muscle from the 900 include a 5.5% increase in takeoff thrust, a 6.5% increase in thrust at altitude and a 2% increase in TSFC (Thrust Specific Fuel Consumption).  An increase in range is the result: 4,583 nautical miles.  The 900B can also enjoy better visibility approach clearance (Category II) and operation on unprepared strips that its predecessor cannot. 




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