Private Aircraft Take Off for Super Bowl

Some say that baseball is America’s favorite pastime, but if you ask me, no sport is more American than football. There are so many more traditions built around the Super Bowl than the World Series. The parties. The commercials. The half-time show (I thought Bruce Springsteen was the best!). The tail-gating. The beer. The wings.

The private jets.

Serious fans obviously can’t miss the big game, and they won’t risk flight delays or tarmac waits to get to Indianapolis this year. When the Patriots take on the Giants on Feb. 5, Gisele Bündchen won’t be the only one who arrives in style.

Private jet companies expect to break the record of 611 private flights to the Super Bowl set in Dallas, Texas, in 2011 when the Steelers lost to the Packers. Considering that many fans will be traveling from Boston and New York City, two of the wealthiest cities in the U.S., the record seems reachable.

Indiana airports are feeling the pressure. The FAA has set up temporary towers to accommodate the extra traffic at three airports. Indianapolis Regional Airport is already near capacity and has a wait list for larger aircraft.

Here’s a look at the New York Giants’ flight to San Francisco to win the NFC championship game. The Patriots have enjoyed home field advantage, so their first flight of the playoffs will be on Jan. 29.

Who are you cheering for in the Super Bowl? And more importantly, how are you getting there?

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