Private Jets At The Ready For NBA Lockout?

With the NBA lockout now well past the 100 day mark and no real agreement being seen on the horizon, it makes me wonder about private jets of athletes, owners and others.  As talks begin the heat up in the NBA lockout a private jet would be used as a way to get from meeting to meeting with the highest amount of privacy.  Owners that need to meet with other owners and NBA officials may not want to fly a commercial flight and conduct discussions on the flight with other passengers present.  They would need to be able to speak freely of contract negotiations and lockout details without the fear of others hearing the details of those negotiations.

Players involved with the NBA lockout are now finding other forms of employment.  They are playing in other leagues around the world in other countries or are taking extended vacations during the lockout.  As negotiations heat up for players to return to the NBA ad as they need to return quickly to be able to return to practice and ready for the new season, they will need to travel quickly.  They also will need to speak to agents and negotiate deals and endorsements and would want to have a heightened amount of privacy.  Private jets and corporate jets are the perfect vehicle for this type of travel.

For now it does not appear that the NBA lockout is reaching a stage that will allow much of the above to happen.  I am hoping that it does end soon and not because I am staring at a blank television screen waiting for the games to begin, but because I am hoping all the pilots and crews of the private and corporate jets are all put back to work soon flying athletes and owners around the world and across the country.

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