64th Annual NBAA 2011 At Its Peak in Las Vegas

It is day 2 of the 64th Annual National Business Aviation Association’s event in Las Vegas and it is at a fever pitch and is at its peak.  Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) was one of the speakers at the event and he talked about the benefits of business aviation and how it helps our country.  He stated “Every state benefits from general aviation.” He went on to state that 1.2 million service and manufacturing jobs are derived from the industry.

On safety, Federal Aviation Administrator Randy Babbitt,  cited the industry’s critical role: “We have the safest aviation system in the world, bar none,” he said. “The business aviation community, and NBAA in particular, plays a very important role in helping us achieve that fantastic safety record and success.”  National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Deborah Hersman agreed, citing the number of corporate fatal accidents in the last year: “zero.”

Many other leaders in the world of business and in aviation also took the stage at the event in Las Vegas yesterday morning and others are on stage today.  We will be consuming many more bits of information and sharing with you the information we get from the event.

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