Get The Best In Flight Entertainment With A Private Corporate Jet

I wanted to highlight the fact that we take for granted the “no frills” flights of commercial airlines and many people only dream of being able to have the best possible experience with first class flights, if they can afford what that ticket will cost them.  I get a chance to see first hand some of the interiors of corporate jets and they are far above anything that even first class commercial flights can provide.  I was reading recently at that Virgin America is stepping up its game with in flight entertainment or “IFE”.  The article states:

Virgin America has upgraded its ‘Red’ in-flight entertainment system with a number of innovative features, including the first ever seatback digital shopping platform, an open tab service, and Google Maps with terrain view. Already on Virgin America, passengers can use the IFE system to watch live satellite television, chat with other passengers, play 3D games such as Doom, and offset carbon emissions for their flight. Passengers can also purchase snacks, meals, and alcoholic beverages from their seats via Red. Flight attendants receive the orders via a tablet PC and bring the ordered items to the seat.

I love that commercial airlines are trying to make the experience of flying that much better for those that don’t have the use of their corporate private jets.  I wonder when we will have headsets with a virtual screen where we can wear a helmet and get the feel of flying in a Gulstream or a or that Dassault Falcon while sitting in the back of the plane listening to soft music while the child behinds us screams because their ears hurt.  Until that time, I will let companies like Virgin America try to keep up with the world of luxury flights.

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