Highlights of December’s Aviation Headlines

There are always news stories and new technologies in the aviation industry. Corporate Jet Insider scoured the headlines to bring you this rundown of some of the more important and interesting stories of the week.

FAA releases new pilot rules to combat fatigue

For the National Transportation Safety Board, new pilot safety rules have been a long time coming. They hadn’t been updated since the 1960s and didn’t conform to new science about the effects of crossing time zones on pilot fatigue. In addition to improving the health of pilots, the new rules aim to increase the level of safety for passengers.

Take a private jet around the world

Looking for a last-minute gift for that person who has everything? Consider a National Geographic expedition. The 23-day tour by private jet, a Boeing 757-200, provides glimpses of eight world heritage sites.

Get a seat on a private aircraft

If you want to see if private air travel is for you, this is a risk-free way to check it out. Starting in January, will start full operations. The Smyrna, Tenn.-based company matches travelers to vacant seats on chartered flights. Fly in style on private aircraft and avoid the hassles of commercial air travel.

There’s an app for that.

Even for fear of flying. If you have an iPhone and anxiety in the air, you will appreciate the “Flying Without Fear” app by Mental Workout, Inc.

World’s largest aircraft

Aerospace designer Burt Rutan is teaming up with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen to design the world’s largest aircraft for Allen’s company, Stratolaunch Systems. According to the Wall Street Journal, the project will cost $200 million. The first flight of the 1.2 million-pound aircraft is anticipated within five years.

Private Jet MD

For those people who seem to spend more time in the air than on the ground, health concerns can become problematic. An annual membership provides emergency medical assistance anywhere in the world through a network of prescreened medical facilities.

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