The Impact Of Steve Jobs On Corporate Jets

The world is mourning the loss of a visionary and leader of the world of technology in Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs.  He died yesterday after a battle of health issues including the ultimate loss due to pancreatic cancer.  We here at Corporate Jet Insider also share in the loss as we respected Steve Jobs and his role in the world of technology and how it impacted business aviation.

We wrote about Mr. Jobs and his own corporate jet use and his choice of Gulfstream as his own private jet.  Not only was he a leader using corporate jets in his day to day travel, his inventions and technology has changed the way we do business.  We are preparing this article on an Apple computer while, listening to music played on an iPod, glancing at the iPhone for updated texts from business associates, and we also know that accessories like the iPad are changing our word in the cockpit.

Many cockpits are using the iPad and the applications contained thereon to file reports, to map flights and to keep clutter from occurring while flying.  Steve Jobs has changed how some companies are doing business in the world of corporate jets and we thank him for his vision, the innovation he created and the impact he has had on our business and the industry as a whole.  We mourn his loss and wish his Apple family the best in their time of loss.

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