Making Sure Your Business Aircraft Can Allow You To Conduct Business

I have been looking around recently at the business that must be conducted on aircraft and how we as a business world are staying connected.  Part of the business of owning a private aircraft is the ability to conduct business while on that aircraft.   I have also been looking at some of the solutions for staying connected on flights and was particularly interested in how we stay connected via the Internet.  There are many enterprise software systems and applications that allow us to conduct business virtually and can eliminate some of the travel that has been necessary in the past.  There are times however when travel is a must and on a corporate jet flight business can be conducted during travel.  Staying Internet connected during the flight allows the business traveler to get to the business of business.

Aircell is such a company that is providing a solution for the business traveler to stay connected while on a corporate or business jet.  Aircell tells us how they can keep us connected:

With the arrival of Aircell High Speed Internet, business aircraft passengers on U.S. flights can now use their laptops or PDAs to enjoy a true high-speed Internet experience – from full-on web surfing, to real time e-mail with attachments, streaming video, transferring large files, and accessing corporate VPNs.  Simply stated, Aircell High Speed Internet represents the absolute best combination of speed, size and cost available today for any business aircraft.

Imagine you are having to take a quick flight across the country without having he opportunity to prepare for that sales meeting or get prepared for that presentation that could spell disaster or make you a huge success in your company.  You did not have the proper time to prepare but could prepare on the trip to the location of the presentation.  With the ability to have High Speed Internet in flight, that time spent could be invaluable.  Not only were you able to drop everything and have the flexibility of having your own private jet take you to your destination but now you have the ability to prepare in flight.  Technology is gaining ground in this area as well with the invent of Apple’s iPad, making it even easier to conduct business on the fly.

This is an idea that is not lost on those in the industry as XOJet is installing the Aircell solution on its entire fleet by the end of July as was announced June 10, 2010:

Business aviation leader XOJET, Inc. announces that its fleet of Bombardier Challenger 300 and Cessna Citation X jets will feature high speed Internet. In partnership with Aircell, the world’s leading provider of airborne communications, XOJET is currently installing Aircell High Speed Internet on all aircraft in the fleet. With more than 70% of the fleet installed by the end of June and the entire fleet scheduled for completion in July, XOJET will become the first business aviation operator to offer wireless service on every flight in the Continental United States.

I am looking forward to seeing how technology changes how we stay connected in the sky.  If you are purchasing a private aircraft or a business jet, make sure you can conduct business while enjoying the new purchase.

[photo via aircell]

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