Online in the Air

Business never stops — not even when you’re in the air. With ViaSat Yonder®, Internet access in the air is as seamless as that on the ground.

Satellites make continuous connectivity possible. Users on the aircraft simply connect to your aircraft’s local area network through the standard WiFi hotspot or Ethernet jack; ViaSat Yonder® connects the local area network on your aircraft to the Internet through its communications network.

The entire system is managed by the Yonder network operations center, so aircraft connected to it see it as a single, seamless coverage area. Yonder service is always on whenever the aircraft is powered up. Once online, the user experience is identical to any standard Internet session.

Yonder service delivers cable-like performance, plus seamless connections around the globe, in-flight and on the ground, without the worry of being disconnected or over-charged if usage exceeds your service plan.

Business aircraft passengers can use their laptops, smartphones, tablets and PDAs as much and as often as they want for a fixed monthly fee. They get unlimited Web surfing, real-time email with attachments, Internet streaming video, large-file transfers and access to corporate VPNs.

Yonder service resellers commission airborne service. Contact AIRINC, Satcom Direct, and Satcom 1 for details. For more information about Yonder, visit

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