Talon Air Inc. Adds New Hawker 4000 To Its Fleet

Talon Air is adding to its fleet of private jets by purchasing a new Hawker 4000 super midsized jet from Hawker Beechcraft Corporation.  The release of June 8, 2010 indicates:

Talon Air Inc., a global leader in private jet charter and aircraft management, announced today that it has purchased a new Hawker 4000 super-mid size business jet from Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. The addition of this brand new Hawker 4000 private jet aircraft is part of the company’s continued expansion to serve its charter clients. With six Hawker 4000s based at Talon Air’s new 100,000-square-foot private aircraft facility located at New York’s Republic Airport (FRG), Talon remains the fleet leader and has the largest fleet of Hawker 4000 business jets in the world. The new aircraft will help Talon meet the overwhelming customer demand for this aircraft and offer a depth of products that are the most requested in the industry.

The Hawker 4000 is more fully described as:

This private jet is the most advanced and luxurious super-midsize business jet in the world. With its unique composite fuselage the aircraft boasts a six-foot high stand-up cabin from front to back offering the largest cabin in its class. The Hawker 4000 serves as the indispensable business tool, getting charter clients where they need to be with convenience, luxury and peace of mind. Hawker Beechcraft has designed a quiet, comfortable environment ideally suited for working or relaxing.

Of note is the ability for the hawker 4000 to be available to otherwise unreachable airports in places where private jets may frequent but cannot accommodate larger aircraft:

With a 99% dispatch reliability, this private jet stands above the rest of the super mid size business jets such as the Gulfstream 200 and Challenger 300. Its performance has allowed Talon Air to operate from airports that typically can not accommodate aircraft of this size. The Hawker 4000 has opened airports with short runways to Talon’s clients such as Ocean Reef, Florida (4500 feet), Hilton Head, South Carolina (4300 feet) and East Hampton, New York (4255 feet).

The President and CEO of Talon Air, Inc. is very optimistic about this aircraft stating, “In almost every airplane, something has been sacrificed,” said Adam Katz President and CEO. “There’s no compromise in this airplane. It’s very fast, comfortable and efficient.”  Many companies are beginning to add to their fleets in this time of economic recovery in the market.  Now is the best time to buy based on the market.

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